Pipeline Hydro-Demolition

One only contractor on the West Coast of the U.S. using a robotic ultra-high pressure precision waterjet system that is specifically designed for pipeline rehabilitation. These services are available for cities, counties, municipalities and general contractors.

Pacific Sewer Robotics, a new branch of Pacific Sewer, is able to solve pipeline problems that have otherwise been unsolvable by current technology. Using equipment that is newly available in the US, only through us, we are able to return flow to a fully blocked pipe.

Pacific Sewer Robotics provides robotic high-pressure services to specifically target obstructions within pipes or structures where manned entry is not possible.

With available pressures up to 40,000 psi (2,800 Bar) our robotic system has removed some of the hardest concrete from a accidental spill, restored flow to a pipes completely closed off from mineral infiltration, and removed roots from inside lateral connections that were inaccessible by any other system. We are able to perform work from pipes as small as 6 inches and as large as 42 inches. Our robotic system is capable of servicing pipes, tanks, and vaults, either above or below ground.

Pacific Sewer Robotics has performed work in subway tunnels 200 feet below New York’s East River, on the streets of Manhattan, the alleyways of Beverly Hills, in pipes traveling under active freeways, in extreme heat and freezing temperatures. We have created specialized tools to solve difficult problems and worked with clients to find the best solution possible.

Robot with concrete removed from sewer pipe

Work is performed through the use of a fully articulated CCTV operated robot with an ultra high-pressure water stream to break down obstructions in pipe lines.  The video technology pinpoints obstructions which helps to limit or eliminate damage to the pipe or structure. Clients might otherwise use mechanical methods with water-driven tools like chain-flails and specialized milling heads to remove obstructions. These standard “blind” methods are not only less effective but have a greater risk of damage.

Traditionally the use of hydraulically or pneumatically driven tools is done blind and can result in serious damage to the surrounding structure. Rotary cutting/milling tools can work their way through the wall of the structure or cause serious damage to the portions of the structure that unaffected by the problem. Air driven tool heads wear quickly against hard obstructions and require tools to be replaced frequently which slows progress.


Targeted robotic controls allow the operator to locate the weakest point in an obstruction and continue to breakdown the problem until it is completely removed. The use of ultra high-pressure water allows the system to push well beyond the surface of the problem and into the obstruction to break up the bonds that hold the obstruction together. Water does not dull or wear down which allows work to continue for longer periods of time. The net result is that the work is more efficient, faster, and less destructive to the surrounding structure than all other methods.

Pacific Sewer works closely with the equipment manufacturer to create innovative solutions and provide up to date training for our technicians and operators. We work with the supplier to build and design new tools and add functionality that is specific to our needs so we can have a number of solutions to best fit a problem.

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