Grout Removal From Inside a 7″ Fiberglass Pipe Concrete, Grout

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Removal of approximately 30 feet of grout from a 7″ fiberglass concrete encased pipe in a subway tunnel.

“We tried to get this out of here for a year-and-a-half and PSM solved our problem in no time.” Construction General Manager

Pacific Sewer was contacted to remove grout from a subway 7″ fiberglass drainage pipe. The removal work had been attempted by multiple previous contractors. Previous attempts using non-robotic ultra high-pressure cleaning nozzles, chain flails, milling heads, and robots using air driven grinding/cutting heads were all unsuccessful or too slow for the client and severely damaged the pipe, completely destroying it in some places.

The pipe is located 200 feet under New York into a subway tunnel that was under construction. PSR was required to drive a mile into the tunnel before turning around and backing for an additional mile-and-a-half to the work access point. Hoses were then pulled out to the actual work location which was 30 feet below the vehicle and 150 feet into a lower level tunnel.

The work site conditions limited Pacific Sewer’s work day to a short 6 hours but the job was completed in just under 11 days onsite.

  • Obstruction Type Grout
  • Pipe Type Fiberglass
  • Year 2019
  • Region New York
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