Concrete Removal from a Lined 18″ Clay Pipe Concrete, Grout

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Removal of a grout/native earth concrete from inside a lined 18″ pipe.

“Water never dulls so work can continue for 12 hours-a-day without changing a tool bit or grinder” Scott Gayman

Pacific Sewer removed 190 feet of grout and native earth from a lined 18″ pipe that was directly adjacent to a marina and below sea level. A ground stabilizing process on a large construction project led to the accidental inflow of grout and native earth into an active 18″ primary main sewer which closed off the entire pipe and connecting lateral main lines. The source of the problem was a mis-marked set of plans that identified an active 10″ sewer pipe as abandoned.

Pacific Sewer was successfully able to remove all of the cement and restore the full flow to the main pipe and the connecting 15″ pipe without digging up the pipe or damaging the in-ground stabilizing mix. Teaming up with an excellent sewer cleaning company and working with the bypass pump company allowed the process to move ahead in a professional and timely manner.

  • Obstruction Type Grout
  • Pipe Type 18" Lined Pipe
  • Year 2017
  • Region Southern California