Struvite Removal from a 14″ Steel Pipe Struvite

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Struvite removal from the inside of a 14″ steel inlet pipe to a wastewater digester tank.

Pacific Sewer built a special system specifically for removing the struvite from this vertical pipe.

Struvite is a phosphate mineral that commonly grows on the inside of pipes in wastewater treatment plants. As the struvite builds up it reduces the capacity if the pipe and stresses the pumps that are used to transport the effluent throughout the plant.

In order to clean this pipe Pacific Sewer was required to drop into the 14″ pipe and make a 90 degree sweep into the horizontal portion of the pipe. Pacific Sewer also built a a specialized centering system to allow the robotic system to hang inside the vertical pipe to properly clean it as well.

  • Obstruction Type Struvite
  • Pipe Type 14" Steel
  • Year 2018
  • Region Northern California