Calcium/Mineral Removal in a 12″ PVC Pipe Calcium

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Removal of a calcium-type mineralization from the inside of a 12″ PVC pipe.

“We tried everything that we could to break this up. We even replaced several sections of pipe but it continues to return. At least now we can do regular maintenance to keep it from building up again.” Director of Operations

Pacific Sewer was called on to help to remove several years of mineral build up from 300 feet of 12″ PVC pipe. The minerals developed over a long period of time and settled onto the bottom of the pipe, creating a layered 2-inch thick solid mass.

In order to protect the pipe from damage, a rotary nozzle was utilized and the build up was cut into “tiles” that could be easily removed. The removal of the minerals returned the undamaged pipe to full flow.

  • Obstruction Type Calcite
  • Pipe Type 12" PVC
  • Year 2017
  • Region Southern California