Root Removal from 12″ Storm Drain Root Removal

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Root removal in a 12″ concrete storm drain vault and throughout the pipe.

“Removing roots using the robotic system is far more effective and complete than any other mechanical method we have tried.” Streets Division Engineer

A large root mass directly inside the storm drain vault and entry pipe made it nearly impossible for the standard cutting tool to begin to turn at speed without becoming entangled in the tough Eucalyptus roots. Several attempts were made to safely remove the roots using conventional nozzles and cutting tools without success. A cutter or hydro-jet nozzle had to great a risk of coming out of the vault and causing injury so mechanical methods were abandoned for saws and gloved hands.

We entered at the vault and began to immediately clear the root mass cutting away the roots inside the vault and at the pipe entrance.  We were then able to successfully remove heavy root growth throughout the pipe. The final results being a completely clear pipe with roots removed entirely from the pipe joints and cracks.

  • Obstruction Type Roots
  • Pipe Type Concrete Pipe
  • Year 2018
  • Region Northern California