Workers prepping robot during a Manhattan winter

Each contract that we perform has a differing set of demands or challenges. Therefore, each contract is priced based on the project needs.

Pacific Sewer Maintenance‘s root control projects are based on a per foot bid price and are variable for each contract. Root control prices are based on the scope of work, the total amount of large pipe for treatment, and the required amount of work in easements.

Pacific Sewer Robotics charges for robotic high pressure work on a day-rate basis. A daily rate is charged based on the type of material to be removed and the demands of the job. By charging a daily rate, and a mobilization fee for jobs more than 80 miles from our base in Glendale, California, we feel that our rates are equitable for all.

Daily rates are billed onsite to offsite. Except in rare cases, Pacific Sewer does not charge a daily mobilization fee. We are committed to fair pricing and billing only for time on the job.